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sueberger3's Journal

20 September 1943
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I am an actor and a writer www.susanjberger.com
I have acted on and off Broadway, in film, and on TV. In 2009 at age 66, I signed a contract for my first TV series -Warren the Ape on MTV. You cannot imagine the thrill of it. I filmed three episodes. Great fun. A lot of improv. Dan Milano was amazing to work with .
Then in February of 2010, I got a call from my manager: The executives at MTV decided that the character of Warren's Agent should be played by a much younger blonde. (They are afraid that the young hip audience will night wish to watch an old human.) Hey ho and oh well...There are new and exciting opportunities out there. Next!!!!
I have three published children s books - two under Susan J Berger: Earthquake! (non fiction grades 2-4) and Growing Up Dreams (picture book illustrated by Samantha Bell) and one under Susan Berger and Christopher Corbin. Jamies Dream, Illustrated by Kim Sponaugle
Right I am rewriting a midgrade novel Tasha the Magnificent and I finished changing my NaNoWrimo book into a readable first draft. Second Chances.is about two women in their sixties who travel back in time to 1969. One finds an old love. One finds a new love.

I am a bookoholic. I love children and ya fiction, I love mystery, sci fi, and Romance novels. Favority authors: LM Montgomery, Inez Haynes Irwin, Jude Devereux, Nora Roberts, Dorothy Gilman, Tamora Pierce, Robin McKinley, Robert Heinlein, Christina Dodd, Meg Cabot. Oh the list is long. I won't put them all here.
I have sung on Broadway and acted in theatre across the country. I was in Hannah Montana and Mash. I look forward to many more acting jobs. I did two plays in Los Angeles this year. and know of two I will be doing next year.