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Does your child enjoy writing? How can we link reading and writing in ways that will motivate kids?

How I got my kids to write.

       My sons did not enjoy writing.  They loved being read to. Once they could read on their own, Jim headed for comics. Chris preferred scary stories.
But they saw no point in writing.
       I wanted to change this. When they were little, they would tell me their stories and I would write them down. I wanted MORE stories. So I motivated them.
I told them I would pay them a penny for  every word they wrote in a story.  If they went back and reread and edited the story, they would be pad two cents a word instead of a peny.
.       Before I made this offer, Chris used to write in his school journal "We played a game. We ran." After I made this offer, He started writing longer and longer stories.  He got us to thirty five pages.  I owed him a lot of money. And I paid it gladly.  It was so much fun reading what he wrote.  When he was nine, he became my writing partner and we wrote Jamie's Dream which was finally published when he was twenty five.
         Jim's stories also became much longer and funnier. He grew into a wonderful natural sounding writer.  I love to read his posts on Facebook and his movie reviews.
I am so grateful to both of they for every word they ahave written.  It was worth every penny.
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